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What Are The Contract Lengths You Offer?

Because we at LeadoConnect firmly believe in consistently proving our customers' value, all of our contracts are month-to-month. This implies that you are not obligated to us for an extended period of time and can decide to continue working with us on a month-to-month basis. In outbound sales, return on investment (ROI) is often a convoluted topic that changes from one month to the next. We look forward to establishing a long-lasting partnership by demonstrating consistent revenue-generating results.

How Long Does It Take To Start A Program?

There's a lot to tackle in order to launch an effective appointment setting, lead generation, or outbound consulting program. LeadoConnect makes a select number of client onboardings available each month on either the 1st or 15th. From there we have a well-structured process to accomplish everything required to launch your program as effectively as possible. Typical launch timelines are as follows: Appointment setting (7-10 days), Lead Generation (1-3 days), and Outbound Consulting (1-2 days).

Do You Offer Any Performance Guarantees?

LeadoConnect guarantees the service and sales activity deliverables we offer to our clients. Regarding sales appointments, we do not provide performance guarantees for the outcomes of our outbound sales efforts. This is because, in sales, too many factors could affect one's capacity to schedule meetings at a certain quantity and timeline. Our clients direct and approve each of our service deliverables, which can significantly impact how a campaign turns out. Because of this, every agreement is contracted month-to-month to provide flexibility to our clients if we are not delivering on our sales targets and to provide confidence that measurable revenue performance is always a priority.

How Do I Access Campaign Analytics To Monitor Program Performance?

We believe in full transparency of sales activity and campaign results. At LeadoConnect, we employ specialized campaign managers who connect with you in real time directly via shared Slack channels. These campaign managers keep you regularly updated on the status of your campaigns by using to track campaign performance. We also make it possible for you to bi-directionally integrate Hubspot and Salesforce to give you complete visibility and the ability to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives. Through, we can also build unique integrations with any third-party CRM in addition to these. This enables our teams to make data-driven decisions to maximize our outbound efforts.

How Do We Qualify A Lead Or What Do We Consider A Qualified Appointment?

LeadoConnect is a full-service sales agency. This means that our clients first approve all work products we execute. Specific to appointment setting, together, our teams identify initial market segments that we'll be targeting and define specific ideal customer profile parameters. Our research team then follows a rigorous process of sourcing decision-makers at each of your target accounts before validating and channel-optimizing their contact details. Once this data is provided to our clients for review and approval, it gets activated in the specific outbound campaigns created for each market segment. At this stage, if a prospect agrees to connect on a sales call, we consider it qualified. Unqualified meetings are typically an indicator that proper segmentation was not completed during the strategy and research phase of outbound.