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About The Client

The Client is an award-winning employee monitoring software that provides factual workplace analytics in real time to increase employee productivity. Employee Monitoring Software! An all-in-one employee performance, presence, and activity insight manager. Best suitable for office, hybrid, and remote teams.

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Business Challenge

The client wanted to generate leads in India as they did not have a physical presence and sales teams in every region. They needed assistance in connecting with the key decision-makers and influencers in the Corporate Industries Employee Size 200+ to mark their footsteps in the Indian market. They wanted to outsource their lead generation function to someone who had the market knowledge and presence in India.

Client Expectations

The client wanted to target the relevant decision-makers from the corporate industries, build a sales pipeline, nurture and take them to closure. This could lay a steppingstone for their delivery center in India through B2B lead generation and appointments.

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What We Provided them ?

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B2B Lead Generation & Appointments​

Confirmation on Target Audience -> Locked Industries -> Locked Employee Size -> Locked Job titles & Department? -> Data Generation by LeadoConnect -> Email Campaign -> Inbound Leads Funnel

How Did We Achieve These Results?

Focused SQL approach to convert high-value leads into clients. These include generating valuable leads by targeting appropriate pool of audience of corporate industries, dealing with decision makers like Directors & Management Team and fueling their Sales Pipeline with inbound leads and Demo’s