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Why Good Creative Design Is Important

Great design tells a story. Communication is a vital part of any business, and it’s true that a picture speaks a thousand words.

Your audience and your potential customers need to understand what your organisation is doing and what it’s all about across every touchpoint – from your website to your social media accounts, email communications, and physical locations. Organisations that can’t achieve this fail to generate leads and thereby drive sales and growth.

Visuals are often the most striking way to leave a lasting impression in the viewer’s mind simply because they are so immediate. What’s more – and perhaps more importantly – the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text, and 93% of all human communication is visual.

And this is precisely why great creative design is so important in business strategy. A well-crafted design concept should flow seamlessly across all of a business’s marketing materials – from to logos to packaging, and from websites to memes to promotional images on blogs and social media posts.

Creative design is more than just aesthetics, however, and it goes beyond creative concepts or graphical illustrations. Indeed, the whole purpose of great design is to convert the process of creating beautiful and compelling visuals that your customers will love into actual business results, and indeed a brand.

In order to do so, companies must adopt a design-thinking mindset, and begin to think – in visual terms – exactly what it is that differentiates them in the market, and how this can be communicated by creative design.

  • Good creative design will help you create a strong impression, build a brand identity, convey key information, narrate your story, and build consumer trust.
  • Aligning Design with Business Strategy and Branding No matter the asset, good creative design will combine words, images, typography, and, where relevant, good page layout to arrive at the desirable outcome.
  • It’s no coincidence that the internet has evolved from its text-centric roots into an image- and increasingly video-centric network.
  • Your website may have a great story to tell, but no one’s going to ever want to learn about it or read your About Us page if you don’t manage to engage your online audience in a compelling – i.e. visual – manner.
  • Images communicate even complex messages quickly, concisely, and memorably. But the images that you use should of course be relevant to your brand and be creatively designed to catch the eye of your target audience wherever they discover you.
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