Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Sales Process Management

At LeadoConnect BPO Services, we do things any other way; we do things enthusiastically and with enthusiasm. We trust that the BPO business is not solely about "outsourcing". Be that as it may, it speaks to a constant procedure of developing one's business by getting new clients, holding old clients and giving administration magnificence – a triumphant equation which pays rich profits.

LeadoConnect BPO offers a differing scope of administrations which incorporates earning potential clients, overseeing information proficiently, or investigating specialized issues and organization issues. Our host of fringe exercises is meant to take your business ahead through a mix of labour, innovation, inquire about and examination.

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Don't hesitate to reach us for a wide range of business process outsourcing necessities. Contact us for business enquiries by rounding out the get in touch with us frame.

  • Inbound Call Center
  • Third party verification services
  • Outbound Call Center
  • Up-Sell/Cross-Sell services
  • Inbound sale
  • Collection
  • Enquiry Handling
  • Order processing
  • Customer Complaints Handling
  • Billing & Payment Support

Lead Generation / Telemarketing

Outbound call centers utilize software solutions to gather data about potential clients. They utilize this data to improve customer engagement in a business's products or services. Certain outbound outsourcing call center services concentrate primarily on lead generation and telemarketing. Thus, they encourage corporations to get more leads, advertise their products, and boost sales.

Appointment Scheduling

Both Businesses to Business and Business to Consumers organizations use meeting scheduling and booking call centre assistance to make arrangements with potential customers. These are essentially used by service-oriented companies, healthcare industries, real estate division, mortgage, commercial, and insurance enterprises. B2B arrangement scheduling is also practiced when products or services are complicated and lack proper explanation.

Client Surveys

Outbound call centre operators also administer market study and client surveys. These services are frequently outsourced to outbound call centers. It is also used by corporations and businesses to discover how clients respond to their marketing endeavours or to track client delight with their goods or services.

Customer Support Services

Agents communicate with clients who recently have filed a complaint or any query regarding the issues they're having with the services. In response, the operator presents an accurate solution that improves their existing services and enhances the belief in the company.