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B2B Services

  • The dynamics of sales are ever-changing, frequent updates and technological advancement, have made sales cycle more unpredictable, competitive, and influencer based. The biggest challenge for B2B market faces today is reaching the right decision-makers/ influencers.
  • Connecting with the relevant target audience helps you build the right connects that can convert into sales. As a leading B2B Lead Generation company, LeadoConnect works with your sales team allowing them to focus on conversions and closing the deals.
  • Average cold calling results are known to have a range between 4 – 5 % for B2B lead generation, furthermore, it is expensive and not a recommended method in the era of personalization; B2B Lead Generation can help you reach your prospect with a cost-effective, deadline & research-based approach.
  • We help generate leads for you with relevant prospects and key decision-makers. LeadConnect’ B2B Lead Generation services along with its proprietary and targeted Email Marketing model connects you to the right decision-makers and influencers in the industry with pre-determined ROI.


As a Sales Person, most of our time is spent on Non-Sales-Related activities that are 50% to 60% of the time. For example, like prospecting searching for email addresses and contacting sales prospects,makes our work Less Efficient and Consumes a lot of our Time. So how do we fix this? What If your Sales Team is more focused on Closures & Meetings 100% of the Time?

Challenges & Opportunities

Not getting an entry point in Targeted Companies Schools & Universities, IT, Globally, Our LeadoConnect team will open the gates for you. Selling can be daunting a task, investments in hiring resources, databases, and the lead time to close the deals can have a significant financial impact on organizations. For Startups and mid-sized businesses, this can drain down the resources and impact their ability to invest in product development or impact their expansion plans.


‘LeadoConnect’ Inbound Lead Generation Campaign as a Service helps organizations to reduce their investment in sales significantly by leveraging a team of experts who can help the “Brands” to reach out to the relevant target audience, build leads pipeline, and close deals. By working as an extension of your team we can enable you to reach Newer Markets, expand your Target Audience Globally and create an omnichannel customer engagement program, which helps you close deals.

B2B Lead Generation Process

Fueling Your Sales Pipeline